Check in with Mayor Pete by Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend IN, @PeteButtigieg

Friends and Democratic Heartlanders,

I’m grateful I had the chance to speak with you all during August’s Democratic County Chairs’ Brunch. With so many great candidates in Illinois and across the country, I know you’ll agree that we have more than enough reason to be excited for election day this year.

As I said to you all then, we do not have the luxury of pessimism today, so we as a Party need to make sure we are more organized and energized than ever. Talking with you and with voters across the country this year has certainly made me feel optimistic that we are succeeding in those goals.

This cycle, I have been doing my part to build momentum and spread our values by helping candidates in targeted districts get the money and volunteers they need to win on November 6th. I believe firmly in elevating the voices of Americans who need politics to speak to them directly, not just about them in the abstract, and my political action committee Hitting Home is just as dedicated to that goal as ever. I encourage you to follow our work by subscribing to our email list, following along on my Twitter and Facebook, and generally contributing to our efforts in any way you can.

We do have the power to create real and tangible change for millions of Americans this November if we work together. I am glad I had the chance to share an evening with you, and I hope you will join with me as we move forward in working for a more unified future.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

South Bend, IN

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