Democrats Building Remarkable Momentum in McLean County
by Toby Trimmer, Communications Director
@ILDCCA  @tobytrimmer


Something remarkable is happening in McLean County. Once a seemingly impenetrable GOP stronghold, the McLean County Democratic Party just won’t stop rocking their local boats to boost activism and build on the successes of 2018, when a diverse team of three Democrats were elected to the County Board.

It’s true, Republicans in McLean County still maintain a 13-7 advantage over their relentless rivals. And, yes, the GOP still runs every countywide office in the east-central Illinois county. But, if the McLean County Democrats’ Roosevelt Dinner on February 28th was any indication, there’s a new deal underway (just look at this crowd!).

The fundraiser was the best attended event in modern McLean County Democratic history. With well over 300 dedicated Democrats and activists coming together, the dinner sold out with an enthusiastic crowd. Keynoting the event was Renato Mariotti, a Democrat who ran in the 2018 Primary Election for Attorney General.

McLean County Democrats are building a lot of momentum in the county housing Illinois State University. County Chair Erik Rankin has engaged a superb team of “old-timers” and “new comers” who are running for office, engaging voters and fighting to strengthen the presence of the Democratic Party throughout the county.

The IDCCA is proud to know that McLean County Dems aren’t just getting by in the moment…they’re building a movement!