Fair Tax Momentum: Democrats tee up Constitutional Amendment
by Toby Trimmer, Communications Director
@ILDCCA  @tobytrimmer

Illinois’ unfair tax system has needed reform and modernization for decades. But Springfield lawmakers could never get the ball rolling to give voters the chance to reform the state’s constitution, creating a fair tax system to lower or keep income taxes unchanged for 97 percent of Illinoisans. Well, that’s changing.

This week, Illinois Democrats advanced Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 01 that would, if put before the voters and approved, remove Illinois’ flat tax rate where the lowest income earners pay the same percentage as the wealthiest.

The amendment is the most important step of the process. It requires a three-fifths majority of members of the House and the Senate to reach the 2020 election ballot. Already ads from supporters and opponents have hit the airwaves. The fact is, the 3% of Illinois residents (who happen to be millionaires and billionaires) aren’t willing to let a fair tax pass without political fights and doomsday threats.

For the IDCCA, it’s a fight worth having. The opportunity to craft some stability in our state government, a modernization of a tax code that can create fairness for working and middle class families, and a system that helps our economy grow is worth fighting for.

So, how can you get engaged? First, get over to the Think Big Illinois facebook page. Follow the development and watch the messages as the effort to build more momentum for a Fair Tax unfolds.

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Finally, stay on top of the news and information about the Fair Tax. Learn what Governor Pritzker’s plan means for you and your family. Try out the Fair Tax calculator here.  Before you fill it out be warned, if you’re earning over $1 million per year, you’ll learn you’ll end up paying a higher tax rate than most Illinois working families.

Campaigns have one resource that money can’t buy: Time. And, the time is now to get involved and spread the word.