by Jillian Hawkins, Assistant Executive Director

The IDCCA’s 2019 Annual Boot Camp training program kicks off this Friday, May 17, in Springfield and close to 200 dedicated Democratic activists are attending the full weekend of intense learning.

This is the third year of the much-anticipated Boot Camp program where the IDCCA coordinates with the seasoned experts from the National Democratic Training Committee to learn everything needed to run competitive campaigns and score election victories for Democrats.

Through engaging seminars, Boot Camp participants will learn how to strike the spark to begin a campaign effort, research and draft a comprehensive campaign plan, raise the funds needed to conduct a viable candidacy, and much more.

New to the weekend-long training will be planning sessions for leaders and activists of local Democratic Party organizations. This learning track has been added to strengthen the IDCCA’s commitment to fortify County Democratic Parties and the coalitions who contribute to local electoral success.

Also new for 2019 is special attention to training Democrats who are ready to fight for victory, but not ready to add their name to the ballot. No campaign or candidate can be successful without qualified, well-trained staff and operational managers. And, with petition drives for public office only months away, a fresh crop of skilled organizers will emerge from at the end of the weekend.

High-profile guests are also expected to join the group as well. Many of these well-known Democrats began their political service as volunteers and sought elected office as underdogs with minimal public support. But, as Boot Camp attendees will learn, success comes from a mix of working hard and working smart.

Keep in touch with the IDCCA as we report on the success of this year’s Boot Camp Training sessions.