IDCCA President’s Message
by Doug House, IDCCA President
@ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats

Political Correctness or Basic Human Decency – Under Attack

Throughout the past two years, we’ve all heard references about Democrats having gone too far with political correctness. We’ve faced apologists who feel that racially charged or insensitive statements in conversation are insignificant. Words do matter. Look no further than our President who enjoys promoting his blunt, offensive demeanor.

Each of us knows, inherently, when inappropriate statements are made. From one-on-one conversations, to the water cooler circle of pals, we can all do better. We must recognize that women and people of color have faced senseless disadvantages since recorded time. They have a right to demand we all do better.

Our own Democratic Party isn’t immune to outdated institutional insensitivity. For the IDCCA, we recently changed our name to reflect our gender diversity among our membership. It was the change of a word, and it matters.

In our nation, there exists a population of people – some are political leaders – who seek to rally otherwise decent people against communities of color for political gain. Understandably, these communities are often outraged at the gall of such division. As Democrats, we reject this.

There are too times when each of us must own up to our own mistakes. I agree with JB Pritzker: he’s admitted that his recently exposed comments were insensitive and inappropriate. I thank him for apologizing and promising to strive to be a better man both publicly and privately, as we all should.

I have worked hard as a local Democratic County Chair in Rock Island County and as President of the Illinois Democratic County Chairs Association. I’ve worked to build a diverse coalition of men, women and people of color, actively recruiting, promoting and investing in our strongest asset – our diversity. Because that is where, together, our collective humanity and our Democratic Party’s victories are set.

I myself am a member of a mixed family of white, and brown and black Americans. Some of these family members call me dad…hopefully, someday, others will call me grandpa. But I am not without fault or mistakes. I will strive to be a better man, both publicly and privately, because I believe in basic human decency. We all do.

I ask you, your fellow Democrats and the people of our nation to join in this effort.