IDCCA President’s Message
by Kristina Zahorik, IDCCA President
@ILDCCA @McHenryDems

Women’s History, We’re Just Getting Started

Hello Fellow Chairs and Friends!

March is women’s history month and I think about how this is our time to make history. This is our time to continue the work of our foremothers to fight for equality and justice, and to simply – fight to protect our democracy.

Many of my sisters stood up or as they say – woke up, after the last Presidential election because they understood they needed to be the change. They needed to civically engage, doing whatever they could to put our nation back on the right path. In that short time, we have accomplished a lot. Women joined local Democratic Parties or existing sister organizations, some even created new ones. They organized, protested, wrote postcards, lobbied, educated, ran for office, and held elected officials accountable.

Last November, women led the revolution our nation so desperately needed. We elected candidates –women and men alike – who embrace equality, opportunity, and decency. We elected candidates who want to govern and understand the threats we face.

As activists and leaders in our local Democratic Party organizations, we now have a duty to help these Democrats enact the bold policies they ran on.

Look no further than the statehouse where Governor Pritzker is moving ahead with his bold plan to advance a Fair Tax which lessens the burden on 97 percent of taxpayers by asking Illinois’ richest, most prosperous millionaires and billionaires to finally contribute their fair share. This effort will be the cornerstone of state and local campaigns in 2020 and we mustn’t lose our ground.

Like never before, I’m convinced there was no “year of the woman.” There’s just too much more for us to do for us to close this chapter in the history book. Perhaps instead, we’re at the start of what will be an era or a generation of historic moments that finally secure the real equality and true justice that everyone in our nation deserves.

Democrats are leading the charge.

So, stay engaged and connected to your local Party and the IDCCA to stay up to date as to how you can help. There’s no shortage of work and ample opportunities for every Democrat who wants to be involved. We’re always in need of precinct committeepersons, election and technical judges, candidates, and volunteers who have some time and passion. We need you!

Need further information? Contact us at .

Finally, thank you to all who generously contributed and attended our annual Chicago Reception and Party Builder Awards. It was a cold night, but warm with fellowship and conversation. Our supporters ensured we had a record turnout for this event. Congratulations again to our three Party Builder Awardees: Committeewoman Lucy Moog, Ron Powell, and Desiree Tate.

I continue to travel the state meeting with Democrats, County Parties, and my fellow Chairs. We are having good in-depth conversations as we plan for 2020 and beyond. I look forward to seeing you on the road.

Best wishes,