by Dan Kovats, IDCCA Executive Director
@ILDCCA @dankovats

Throughout the next several months, the impeachment of Donald Trump will continue to take center stage in our politics. With the House of Representatives leading an in-depth inquiry, there is no turning back. We can’t avoid or skim over impeachment in our own communities. Democrats must be ready to address it.

We know Republicans are difficult rivals in the rhetoric game. Even with the cold, hard facts of Trump’s national betrayal exposed, the GOP propaganda machine is running overtime to confuse and divert the American people.


Remember: Betrayal of America, Betrayal of the Constitution, Betrayal of our National Security System.

Trump’s actions were so serious that patriotic whistle blowers have come forward to expose his betrayal of America. As President, Trump orchestrated a mobster-like scheme to withhold military aid to Ukraine unless they investigated and reported on a political rival. Think about that; the President directly threatened another nation that, if they didn’t dig up or make up information to help attack a political opponent, he would see to it that the United States government would stop supporting their efforts at self-defense.

Republicans are exposing themselves – not as patriots – but as small-minded Trump loyalists who are willing to betray the Constitution. Trump and his Republicans have treated the proven Russian election manipulation as ‘no big deal.’ But today, influence in the election process from foreign governments is on Donald Trump’s request list. That’s a blatant betrayal of the Constitution.

Trump betrayed our nation.

  • He has betrayed the basic elements of national security;
  • He’s betrayed the Constitution;
  • He’d betrayed the citizens of the United States.


CLAIM:                The whole impeachment is a “witch hunt.”
RESPOND:          Call it what you want. The impeachment is a serious investigation about Donald Trump’s corrupt abuse of power. IF Trump is the victim of congressional abuse, why has he been stopping witnesses from testifying to congress?

CLAIM:                Democrats are just wasting time; mad they didn’t win the election.
RESPOND:          First, Democrats aren’t alone. There are Republicans who support the inquiry. Second this isn’t “revenge” for winning the 2016 election. It is enforcement for potentially violating the trust of the American people and betrayal of our Constitution.

CLAIM:                Joe Biden and his son are corrupt, that was President Trump’s point.
RESPOND:          There isn’t an ounce of evidence that Biden or his son did anything illegal or corrupt. The Biden’s have been nothing but transparent and clear. It is Trump who has engaged in a lifetime of corruption and a stunning display of continued abuse of power.

CLAIM:                Voters don’t want the impeachment inquiry and Democrats are going to lose their elections.
RESPOND:          That’s false. The latest surveys and polls are revealing a growing number of Americans who support the investigation. It’s now over 54% of support for some kind of inquiry.  

CLAIM:                Trump is just doing what any other Presidents have done.
RESPONSE:         Um, no. Trump is abusing his power and betraying our country.