New Poll: 60% of Illinoisans support Gov. Pritzker’s leadership!

By Jillian Hawkins, Assistant Executive Director, @ILDCCA

According to an NPR Illinois-University of Illinois poll released last week, Illinois residents strongly support Governor JB Pritzker’s hard-charging, pro-middle-class agenda. Pritzker’s leadership in quickly bringing stability to state government, his work across party lines, and his tireless efforts to actively engage Illinoisans is a welcome change…the data proves it.

Illinois remains in fragile condition. Democratic lawmakers know that and so do voters. But the survey shows that faith in a better state is on the rise. Nearly one-third of respondents predict that Illinois will be better off economically. In 2018, only half as many of those surveyed held that view.

Of course, much of the Illinois media’s focus was directed toward a hard-to-follow-with-facts narrative that a growing number of residents are ready to pack their bags and cross the Prairie State border lines. It’s true, 61 percent of survey takers claim they’ve considered exiting Illinois.  However, a deeper dive shows that far fewer are taking any meaningful steps to do so. With a big election just a year away, we can expect Republicans will relentlessly scream about how awful and unfriendly Illinois is…blah, blah, blah.

Disparaging Illinois didn’t work for Bruce Rauner and it won’t work for the desperate Illinois Republican Party. Nevertheless, we know they’ll try.

For the latest information on the NPR Illinois-U of I poll, click here.