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Tuesday August 7, 2018
Toby Trimmer, Communications Director
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Republican leaders should end support for bizarre conspiracy theorist running on a platform of absurd propaganda concocted by alt-right media bullhorn InfoWars

 ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Calling Republican candidate for Congress Bill Fawell, “a bizarre lunatic whose absurd beliefs are frighteningly dangerous for our communities,” Doug House, president of the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association and Chair of the Rock Island County Democrats, is asking GOP leaders to immediately condemn and reject Fawell’s campaign.

Fawell’s social media posts show he is an unapologetic promoter of wildly far-fetched conspiracies such as the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York as a government-led tragedy. Fawell is also convinced that the 2012 mass shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School was a US-led “false flag” operation conducted by mysterious “deep state” organizers who, some claim, control a so-called shadow government. At the school, six teachers and 20 students, aged six and seven years old, were riddled with bullets in the massacre.

“Republican Bill Fawell has displayed dangerous, crazy indecency that isn’t reflective of our communities,” House said. “He promotes the belief that certain black celebrities are active in the Illuminati and that child trafficking operations are connected through tunnel systems under Washington, DC pizza shops. These demented ideas are ripped right from the pages of Alex Jones’ InfoWars, a dangerous alt-right propaganda machine. Rock Island Republicans should take the lead by withdrawing their support of Fawell and that others to do the same.”

Within the past week, InfoWars content has been banned from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, with the platforms all citing the propaganda company as a promoter of dangerous hate speech. InfoWars owner Alex Jones is known best for his delusional, emotional outbursts and his ambush interviews. In the past, Jones has callously tracked down distraught parents of slaughtered Sandy Hook children to challenge the legitimacy of how their children died and whether or not they existed at all. On Fawell’s campaign Facebook page, he regularly shares and promotes the insane InfoWars material.

“Republicans shouldn’t let Bill Fawell be their voice anywhere, let alone on a campaign trail,” House said. “RICO Republicans had no hesitancy in asking Glen Evans to end his campaign for the 72nd statehouse district. In turning the party’s back on Evans, GOP Chair Drue Mielke cited the ‘faith and values that reflect the county, the state, and the country.’ Given Mr. Evans’ disturbing and violent criminal past, Rock Island Republicans made clear their belief that indecency has consequences if a candidate wants party support.”

Fawell isn’t the only Illinois Republican congressional candidate who harbors grotesque, offensive and bizarre beliefs. Republican Arthur Jones of Chicago has made national and international headlines for being a self-avowed Nazi and holocaust denier. Republican officials in Illinois and throughout the nation have already condemned his candidacy.

“I hope the Rock Island County Republicans will lead the effort in rejecting Bill Fawell’s candidacy,” House said. “Regardless, voters need to know who Bill Fawell is – a conspiracy propagandist parading tinfoil hat filth. If that’s what the Republican party wants to be, the big tent of the Democratic party still has plenty of room for fact-based, independent thinkers.”

A Media Matters link to the Bill Fawell’s disturbing views is below:


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