by Kristina Zahorik, IDCCA President
@ILDCCA @McHenryDems

Who really wants to be President or Senator when you can easily have the strongest elected voice in the nation? Yep, YOU – a Precinct Committeeperson and party activist. It costs next to nothing, gives you a chance to change the community, and influence the nation.

For all her warts and political troubles, America remains the greatest nation in history. Clearly, it doesn’t work because Washington Republicans are statesmen who hold the constitution in the highest regard. However, it works because individuals in every corner of our state and nation are willing to get active in their local Democratic Party.

Now is the time for Democrats to run for re-election as Precinct Committeeperson or pick up petitions to fill a vacancy in your community. The effort is easy, and the work is as hard as you wish to make it.

The IDCCA is a partner in supporting local county parties to recruit, train and engage more rank-and-file Democratic Party Precinct Committeepersons. We know that, the more active precinct committeepersons are in a local party, the more successful Democrats are in elections.

There’s not a lot of time to think about it for 2020. Petitions are currently being passed and to be elected as a Precinct Committeeperson, it takes 10 signatures.

In 2020, we can secure big victories. We just need the most important, influential and powerful voices in the room as we plan our strategy. You should be that voice.

If you are interested in running for Precinct Committeeperson, click here to contact your County Chair!