For Immediate Release:
Wednesday May 12, 2021
Dan Kovats, Executive Director
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Congressional Republicans Choose Trump Over Democracy

Springfield, IL – This morning, Congressional Republicans met and voted to remove ultra-conservative Congresswoman Liz Cheney from her leadership position — the same day former Trump Administration officials testified to Congress about their response to the January 6th insurrection encouraged by Donald Trump. Illinois Democratic County Chairs Association (IDCCA) President Kristina Zahorik issued the following statement:

“Congressional Republicans took a secret vote to remove ultra-conservative Liz Cheney from leadership, choosing lying Donald Trump over someone willing to tell the truth and stand up to Donald Trump’s lies.”

“Most Illinois Republicans did not have the gaul to defend Liz Cheney because they’re afraid of Donald Trump. They buy into the Big Lie that the election was stolen, and then hold a secret voice vote so they can’t be held accountable. Shame on them. Voters shouldn’t forget.”

On Monday, the IDCCA asked Illinois Republican Members of Congress to publicly declare who they’d vote for, but only a few spoke out. This continues the pattern of subverting democracy for the likes of Darin LaHood, Mike Bost, and Mary Miller who played various roles in discounting and discrediting electoral college votes in January. Rodney Davis blatantly refuses to answer how he voted on Cheney instead providing an ambiguous statement praising Cheney while not declaring how he voted in caucus. LaHood hinted he saw “no reason to get rid of her” but he and his spokesperson declined to answer outright how LaHood voted.


About the IDCCA…

The Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association (IDCCA) is a statewide, grassroots Democratic Party organization comprised of the elected Democratic County Chairs in all 102 counties in Illinois. The mission of the IDCCA is to help elect Democrats in every county and region of Illinois while continuing to grow the Democratic Party throughout the state. McHenry County Democratic Chair Kristina Zahorik is the President of the IDCCA.

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