For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Dan Kovats, Executive Director

Democrats: Madison County is part of Illinois

Seceding From Illinois Sows Division, Is Un-American, and Unpatriotic

Edwardsville, IL – The Madison County Board will meet tomorrow to debate whether to put forth a referendum this fall for voters to decide if Madison County should secede from the state of Illinois. Madison County Democratic Party Chair Randy Harris and Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association Mark Guethle released the following statement opposing this plan:

“Madison County Republicans do not care about finding solutions to problems, they only seem to care about sowing divisions in our community and our state,” said Randy Harris, Chair of the Democratic Party of Madison County. “Illinois and Madison County are stronger together. This proposal for Madison County to secede from Illinois will send a signal to leaders in our state and in the business community that we as a county don’t want to be here and we’re not serious about helping people. It’s silly, reckless, and just plain dumb. The board should not even call this resolution for a vote.”

“Illinois is the greatest state in the nation. said Mark Guethle, President of the IDCCA. Voting to secede is unpatriotic, and damn near Un-American. This non-binding referendum won’t accomplish anything, and instead of working to better the lives of their residents, Republicans in Madison County are telling voters they want to ‘take their ball and go home.’ Board members should reject this proposal.”

Earlier this month the Madison County Board Government Relations Committee approved a resolution to submit an advisory referendum to the voters of Madison County regarding separating from Illinois to form a new state. The full board is supposed to meet on April 17 to debate and approve this resolution.