IDCCA President’s Message
by Kristina Zahorik, IDCCA President
@ILDCCA @McHenryDems

Dear Fellow County Chairs and Friends,

I hope this message finds you and yours well.
Happy Women’s Equality Day! August 26th marks the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment granting women the right to vote.
Women play a critical role in our organization building the Party, providing election integrity, and electing Democratic candidates. The IDCCA has a record number of women in leadership positions with 29% of Illinois Democratic County Parties being led by women.
In the historic Blue Wave of 2018, women were the key to victory, running for office and winning in unprecedented numbers and by casting their votes as a powerful bloc. And don’t forget their activism. Millions across the country exercised their constitutional right to protest after Trump was elected. Nearly 300,000 marched in the 2017 Women’s March in Chicago.
Women’s votes and activism remain crucial in 2020.
While women (and men) have the right to vote, the GOP is doing everything it can to make it harder to actually cast our ballots. The Atlantic did an excellent job covering the three-pronged attack that includes the dismantling and undermining of the postal service. They can’t win with their policies, so the only way they can win an election is to game it and suppress the vote. We must remain focused.
Turn up to turn out. Are you doing everything you can to get out the vote? We need you! Contact the IDCCA to get plugged in to opportunities to help. And, please plan to join us on August 31st for our first ever virtual Brunch.
As I write, the 2020 Democratic National Convention has just concluded. While it was strange not to be in Milwaukee together, the made-for-TV program was inspiring for all of us watching from home. I know that many of you were connected to the convention via the DNC website and joined the nightly pre-events and watch parties hosted by the Democratic Party of Illinois. If you missed my remarks to the Illinois delegation, not to worry – join me and our very special guests on August 31st, for Brunch @ 6.
When former Vice President Joe Biden announced Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, the surge of excitement was palpable. You could feel the energy and enthusiasm for our ticket throughout the successful convention. More good news is that many County Parties reported an up-tick in volunteering interest. We will need everyone!
Like you, I am proud to be an Illinois Democrat. We share our pride after listening to the riveting and sobering remarks of former First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama , as well as Senator Tammy Duckworth.
Some press have labeled the 2020 Democratic Party Platform  as the most progressive document to come out of a major national party in US history. It is a blueprint vision for the future of our country. In the preamble it reads, “When the American people go to the polls this fall, we will be choosing more than a candidate. Character is on the ballot in this election. The character of our President, yes, but more than that: the character of our democracy, our society, and our leadership in the world.”
This stands in stark contrast to the GOP, who actually don’t have a platform this year. They are so lost and so rudder-less, they no longer stand for anything other than Donald Trump!
The difference between the two parties could not be clearer.
Everything we do between now and Nov. 3rd matters. This is a turn-out election. We start voting in Illinois in less than 5 five weeks, on September 24. We need to turn up the turn out because Trump, his Administration, and his enablers, have got to go!
Everyone must be an Active Democrat. This means voting early in-person, or turning in your mail-in ballot early, then helping turn-out the Democratic vote. The IDCCA has opportunities for you to help. You can join our army of volunteers in the REV Project, be an election judge or poll watcher, connect with a candidate or be one! It is easy – just reach out to IDCCA for details.
Every Democrat, everywhere counts!
Stay safe. Thank you for all you do.

Best wishes,