For Immediate Release:
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Dan Kovats, Executive Director

Illinois Democratic County Chairs to Illinois Republicans: Do Your Job

A Republican Controlled House of Representatives Remains On Recess With Bills to Pay,
a Border to Secure, and Democracy to Defend

Springfield, IL – The Republican led U.S. Congress left Washington and went home without passing a budget for Fiscal Year 2024, without passing foreign aid funding to support our allies who are defending democracy, and without passing legislation securing our border or addressing immigration – which Republicans made contingent upon passing a foreign aid.

Today, Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association President Mark Guethle released the following statement:

“Our border is in crisis. Our immigration system is broken. Vladimir Putin is attacking our democracy and our allies. Congress won’t be able to pay its bills come March. And where are Mike Bost, Darin LaHood, and Mary Miller? They’re at home while their leader meets with indicted ex-President Donald Trump.”

“Republicans said ‘fix the border.’ Republicans and Democrats came up with a bi-partisan bill, and then Republicans in the House said, ‘just kidding.’ The American people know better and expect better. Stop the games. Get serious. Fix the problem. And get back to work.”

The federal government is operating under a continuing resolution until March 1st and March 8th, and the U.S. House of Representatives is on recess until February 25th.