For Immediate Release:
Thursday, March 7, 2024

Dan Kovats, Executive Director

Illinois GOP Votes Against Funding Government,
But Celebrates The Bill Passing

Illinois Congressional Republicans Continue Voting Against Funding the Government

Springfield, IL – Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed six of the 12 appropriation bills that fund the federal government. 207 Democratic members joined 132Republicans in voting for the funding package. From Illinois, Representatives Mike Bost, Mary Miller, and Darin LaHood voted NO along with 80 other House Republicans.

Today, Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association President Mark Guethle released the following statement:

“Thank you to Illinois Democrats for continuing to responsibly fund the federal government. And thanks for nothing Mike Bost, Mary Miller, and Darin LaHood.”

“It gets worse: Representative Mike Bost had the nerve to celebrate the passage of the legislation he voted against because it included a provision he supported. Even richer, there is more than $40,000,000 in funding for projects in Illinois that Darin LaHood and Mike Bost specifically requested to be included in the bill. While we are glad tax dollars are coming back to Illinois, we cannot let LaHood or Bost take any credit for funding they would not even vote for.”

“Bost, Miller, and LaHood think they can convince Illinoisans they are fighting for them, but voters need to know it is a lie. You can’t vote NO and then take the dough – that’s partisan politics at its worst.”

The budget package is expected to be taken up and passed by the Senate this week. The federal government is operating under a continuing resolution through March 8th and March 22nd.

The Republican led U.S. Congress is yet to pass foreign aid funding to support our allies who are defending democracy. Additionally, they have not passed any legislation securing our border or addressing immigration – which Republicans made contingent upon passing a foreign aid package in the first place.