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Monday April 5, 2021
Dan Kovats, Executive Director
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Rodney Davis Needs to Return Matt Gaetz Dirty Money

Springfield, IL – Following public reports of a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz allegedly having sex with and trafficking a minor, Illinois Democratic County Chairs Association (IDCCA) President Kristina Zahorik released the following statement regarding Gaetz’s political support of Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis:

“Rodney Davis should quickly unburden himself and his constituents of the campaign funds he received from Matt Gaetz. While the U.S. Department of Justice investigates Matt Gaetz for allegedly having sexual relations with and trafficking a minor, Rodney Davis can and should either return the money to Gaetz or give it away to charity as some of his colleagues have.”

“Rodney Davis has a history of accusing his political opponents of taking money from people he deems unsavory, even as fact checkers refuted his lies. Now, Rodney Davis has clearly taken money from an alleged sex trafficker — a colleague of Rodney’s who was the only member of Congress who voted NO on a sex trafficking bill. Rodney Davis should give away Matt Gaetz’s dirty money. No excuses.”

Floridan Congressman Matt Gaetz is under investigation for allegedly having sex with a minor, and paying for them to travel with him across state lines. Additional reports suggest there are documented receipts from payments for sex, as well as further allegations of depraved behavior from Gaetz including him sharing nude photos of his partners to colleagues on the House floor.

In the 2020 election, Matt Geatz donated $2,000 to Rodney Davis’ reelection.


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The Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association (IDCCA) is a statewide, grassroots Democratic Party organization comprised of the elected Democratic County Chairs in all 102 counties in Illinois. The mission of the IDCCA is to help elect Democrats in every county and region of Illinois while continuing to grow the Democratic Party throughout the state. McHenry County Democratic Chair Kristina Zahorik is the President of the IDCCA.

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