Grassroots Action: Southern Illinois Democratic Women

“Never doubt that small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

According to the Southern Illinois Democratic Women, waiting to be asked to get a grassroots movement off the ground is a waste of time. Through traditional, time-tested political action, this coalition is forging ahead to ensure victories in the April 2nd elections.

Throughout February and March, the SIDW is employing the lessons of cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead by committing their efforts to change a few corners of the world in Illinois by helping to elect good candidates who are vying to win local office on April 2nd.

Already, the coalition of determined Party-driven women have helped Springfield resident Rianne Hawkins, who is running to become the next City Clerk of the state’s capital city. The group recently corralled to complete hand-written postcards to voters in an effort to build momentum for Hawkins and her campaign.

The SIDW are doing the same for Carlee Copela, who is running for a seat on Carbondale Elementary School District 95 board.

With no shortage of advanced technology and fancy data analysis, the SIDW is going back to basics – because direct, personal voter contact works. It’s truly a grassroots effort that merits mention. On Facebook, make sure you “like” and “follow” the Southern Illinois Democratic Women. They’re valuable partners who are making us proud!