by IDCCA President Kristina Zahorik, @ILDCCA @McHenryDems

The IDCCA’s efforts to support the work of Democrats at the local, county and state levels doesn’t happen without the generosity of friends. But we never imagined the enthusiasm that Greg Bales and Zach Koutsky would generate as hosts of the 2019 Summer Brews Young Professionals Reception held in Chicago on June 24.

This year’s record turnout for the Summer Brews Reception exceeded 300 passionate, proud and determined young Democrats. Held at the District Brew Yards, Bales and Koutsky volunteered their time and hard work to build a remarkable host committee and ensure that attendance was strong. We simply can’t thank them enough for coordinating such a fun, successful event!

Members of the IDCCA Leadership Circle joined the audience to celebrate the success of Illinois Democrats and get ready to score big victories for 2020. State Senator Toi Hutchinson and State Representative Kelly Cassidy addressed the crowd to highlight the success in passing modern, responsible and progressive cannabis use policies during the legislative session. Cassidy and Hutchinson expressed their hopefulness for Illinois future under Democrats but warned us not to get complacent as 2020 approaches.

Thank you to all the members of the Host Committee including:

John Amdor, Hannah Amundsen, Connie Argiris, Dean Argiris, Gillian Armour, Deborah Bandy, Steve Booth, Tom Bowen, Hon. Scott Britton, Hon. Dani Brzozowski, Nikki Budzinski, Meaghan Burdick, Hon. Michael Cabonargi, Matthew Cain, Thomas Carey, Carissa Casbon, Ben Childs, Mike Ciaccio, Ami Copeland, Patrick Croke, Kevin Conlon, Kristen Crowell, John Daley, Kelly Dietrich, Joe Duffy, Katelynd Duncan, Lauren Eiten, Angela Fellars, Alexandra Fields, Atticus Francken, Matt Fruth, Quentin Fulks, Lou Gale, Tony Garcia, Hon. John Gedney, Hon. Julie Gondar, Amy Gooden, Monica Gordon, Mo Green, Kate Gronstal, Bob Guy, Carly Halstead, Alex Hanns, Hon. Matt Hanson, Hon. Don Harmon, Ben Head, Kara Highfill, Haleigh Hoff, Rachel Hoge, Hon. Andrew Honig, Liz Houlihan, Dan Johnson, Hon. Derek Jones, Cameron Joost, Jacob Kaplan, Scott Kennedy, Jennifer Khosla, Ken Kimber, Andrea Kluger, Barbara Koutsky, Christie Lacey, Jennifer Lee, Hannah Lloyd, Larry Luster, Arielle Maffei, Abraham Matthew, Reid McCollum, Jaylin McClinton, David McEllis, Porter McNeil, Nick Meyer, Arthur Mitchell, Hon. Lucy Moog, Hon.Bob Morgan, Lauren Myerscough-Mueller, Crystal Olsen, Omari Prince, Maren Ronan, David Saunders, Anne Schaeffer, Steven Schenk, Allison Schraub, Chris Shallow, Nate Sippel, Clay Snyder, Christian Sorensen, Southland Friends of Labor, Aaron Stein, Matt Tully, United Transportation Union – SMART Division, Hon. Karina Villa, Hon. Ram Villivalam, Wildfire Contact, Charise Williams, Abby Witt, & Mike Ziri

Click here to take a look at some of the photos from the event!