Rauner Failed Me – Dana

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with an agency that helps families with loved ones who have developmental disabilities access the services they need to build better lives. The people I work with are in communities that have been forgotten and left behind for decades— but they’ve been hardest hit by Bruce Rauner.

We’ve never had enough money or the ability to provide everyone with the full and complete attention they deserve, but the budget crisis made my job next to impossible. I was tasked with trying to find service providers for people, but every day it seemed like another one was closing, and families were running out of options. I’ve had cases where kids have been with a provider for their whole life, but because of Rauner’s budget crisis, they had to shut their doors. The instability isn’t healthy for the families, for the kids, or for the state.

Bruce Rauner’s budget crisis has failed the people I work with every day and it just doesn’t seem like our social services will ever be a priority for him. Ultimately, I’m hopeful that under JB Pritzker, we can have a governor that cares about social services and will make sure that our most vulnerable citizens get the care they deserve. I know he’s someone who recognizes the important work we’re doing and cares about helping all of our families thrive.

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